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History of Plave-Guci

The history and origins of Plave-Guci are unknown prior to the Ottoman conquests. Before the Ottoman Turks took control of the region, Plave-Guci (as it is collectively known) was under the control of various Albanian Catholic tribes. Ottoman Turks conquered the area sometime in the 14th century. The founder of modern-day Plave-Guci was Dedė Shala, an Albanian Catholic. In 1455, Shala converted to Islam and became known as Omer-aga Shala. Shala was then awarded lands throughout the region from Ottoman authorities. His son, Hasan-aga Omeragaj built the first house in Guci upon the Grncar river, creating the Omeragaj branch in Guci. His other son, Tahir-aga Omeragaj created the Omeragaj branch in Plav. The Omeragaj (later Slavicised to Omeragic) family lead Guci from 1461 to 1590. Throughout Turkish rule, the Turks were able to convert numerous citizens from Roman Catholicism to Islam. The majority of the citizens of Plave-Guci were of Albanian origin, hence the majority of the population was Catholic at the time, with the exception a few Eastern Orthodox families. By 1700 over 75% of the inhabitants of Plave-Guci embraced Islam. Turkish rule was passed onto Montenegro by decision of the Congress of Berlin in 1878. However, this decision was unpopular among the local population and between 1878 and 1912, Plave-Guci existed as a de facto independent state.




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