Our mission is to help organize the Albanian Community from Plave and Guci that live in USA/New York. Volunteers and especially the youth of Plave and Guci is welcomed to participate in any and all activities.

Our mission is challenging. To be able to meet our goals we need your help. This help can be in the following forms:

- your contributions with your views and analysis.
- your personal initiatives to spread plaveguci.us mission around,
- sharing the news about plaveguci.us site,
- sending us your ideas and suggestions,
- telling us what you think would work better and what extra contents you would like plaveguci.us to offer,
- of course, we would like to trigger free speech, healthy communication and brainstorming, so that we all can effectively help Albanian Community of Plave and Guci in USA/New York.

We will post a link of any and all of your Businesses free of charge on our Link page, thus helping Business Owners to promote their Business through the Internet. As well as making it possible to do business with one another.

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