Bosnians or Albanians?

Based on all these original images one can clearly see that these people have nothing to do with Bosnia but rather are pure Albanians who were assimilated by Slavs. What amazes me is that our so called “Bosnians from Plave-Guci region” do not have not even one single reason to believe that they are not from Albanian descent, but for some unknown reason they will rather speak Serbian even though Serbs/Montenegrins were “Boshnjaks” sworn enemies just like ours. Furthermore, through century’s Serbs/Montenegrins have committed numerous atrocities and massacres to the “Boshnjak” population.

In the Battle of Nokshiq in 1879, Albanians were the ones who fought and saved the population of Nokshiq - Plave – Guci from Montenegrins King Nikola and Mark Miljan’s Army. Why didn’t Bosnia come to their aid? Bosnia might not even known of Plave-Guci’s existence at the time. If Plave–Guci wasn’t precious Albanian land why in the world would Albanians from all over Albania-Kosova go in the war with super strong Montenegrin’s Army to defend Albanian population or Bosnian? (in 1879).

The current Montenegro’s flag is the original King Nikolla’s flag! “Bosnians from Plave-Guci” proudly embraced it now as their flag. In 1912 the leader of Montenegro’s Army “Avro Cemovic” his Army under that flag massacred about 850 young men from Plave-Guci and buried them in one mass grave in “Previja” near Andrievica “Bosnians from Plave-Guci seem to have short or selective memory”